Coding Options

Currently coding for BMW F series only. BMW E series, Audi and VW will be coming in future!


BMW F series Coding Options List

  • Re-Code for Enhanced Bluetooth
  • Re-Code for Sports Automatic Transmission
  • ACSM:

Disable Welcome 3 Gongs

SeatBelt Reminder Lights OFF

Turn Off Seat-Belt Reminder Chimes


Transfer Telephone Ringtone to car


Start Car by pushing button (hold brake not needed)

New Procedures is as mentioned:
– press once for iDrive and fuel pump
– press a second time and hold to crank engine

Increase Angel Eyes Brightness to 100%

Close windows, sunroof & mirror from key fob

Change Mirror Un-Fold Automatically at XX Speed

Turn off MMI when door is opened

Auto Start/Stop Default OFF

Auto Start/Stop Remember Last Setting

Unlock Door on Engine OFF (1 pull)

Turn off window roll-up door interrupt

Change Triple-Blink Count to another Value

Turn on Brake Force Flashing with Hard Braking

Turn off Amber Side Markers next to Headlight

Tilt Passenger Mirror farther down when in reverse

Ambiance Lighting controlled independent from Dimmer Switch

Enable Illumination of Exterior Door Handle LEDs when in Reverse

Turn on Fog Lights with Welcome Lights

Activate Rear Fog Lights:  (In conjunction with REM Module coding)

Disable Headlight Washers

Auto Light Sensitivity Increase

Code fog lights for LED-Bulb replacing halogen bulbs

Code front turn signals for LED-Bulb replacing halogen bulbs



Set cell phone ringer as primary

Disable Auto-Locking of Doors once begin driving

Enable ///M LapTmer

DVD-in-Motion activated

Allow unit change for Sport Display

Enable Sport Displays (Power/Torque) & Unit Changing (kW/nM)

Enable Turn Signals in HUD

Change Navi Voice to British English

Navi Trip-Import

Remove Legal Disclaimers

Display Tire Pressure & Temperaure in Vehicle Info

Add Weatherband Radio to sources

Enable Video Files from USB

Enable the function of saving video files to NBT Hard Drive for play later

Disable Office Function Speed Lock-Out

Enable Full Text Lines in Office While Driving

Disable Audible Chirp/Beep When Locking Car

Enable Speech Input for E-Mail or SMS

Enable Time-Stamp Display for Call Log

Add GPS Current Location to Navi Menu Items

Enable IPCE Web Server @

Enable WiFi Hot-Spot

(Need to install a DLNA/UPnP media sharing server on your laptop or phone to be able to use this)

Enable Developer Menu

  • ICM Module:

Always start in Eco Pro

  • IHKA Module:

A/C System Remembers Last Setting

Always Remember Air ReCirculating

  • KOMBI:

Add Digital Speed to SpeedoLCD Display via BC button

Change Startup Screen in SpeedoLCD to ///M Performance

Set Clock via GPS

Disable HUD Startup Animation

  • REM_01:

Turn On Tail Lights with DRLs

Activate Rear Fog Lights feature for lighting switch

Enable Rear-View Camera at all Speeds

Code rear turn signals for LED-Bulb replacing halogen bulbs

Code rear brake lights for LED-Bulb replacing halogen bulbs

  • TRSVC:

Activate Side Cameras at ANY Speed